The vision of Dar-e-Butool (sa) is to establish an Islamic community center focusing on the religious, cultural, spiritual and social needs of our youth who have been disenfranchised, and neglected vastly within our communities. Give them a sense of belonging with new strategies, which make things easy. All the while keeping in mind that it does not repulse our wider Adult community. 
Dar-e-Butool (sa) envisions an environment of love, understanding and fellowship with our brothers and sisters of humanity, which provides a true representation of Islam that is welcoming, resolute in faith, and firm in the advocacy of truth, justice, peace and the teachings of the Glorious Quran, and Ahlul Bayt (AS).

Our Core Values : Knowledge | Faith | Integrity | Unity | Diversity | Collaboration | Progress

  • To work diligently and tirelessly in pursuit of Allah’s good favor and divine mercy through the establishment of prayers & Islamic programs based on the Glorious Qur’an and the teachings of Ahlul Bayt AS

  • To become an integral part of the local community by providing such social services as:

    • After-school programs

    • Youth Sports Activities

    • Entrepreneurship Mentoring

    • Academic tutoring, mentoring, and job training programs

    • Islamic Sunday school

    • Community development

    • Urdu / Roman-urdu Poetry classes

    • Noha, and Marsiya workshops

    • Noha Album recording facilities

  • To develop strong and unbreakable bonds of respect, trust, and collaboration between the center & the local community

  • To develop initiatives that help to reduce poverty and crime, while supporting the social, economic and political development of the local community

  • To promote Islamic awareness in the local communities and society-at-large through the propagation of the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) & his Purified Progeny (Ahlul Bayt AS)

Dar-e-Butool (sa) Center

44920 Osgood Road

Fremont, CA 94539

Phone : 510-432-8444